Thursday, September 13, 2012

Leather Jacket & IV-fail

Jacket: Elle by Kohls, Shirt: Vero Moda, Leggings: H&M, Heels: Tamaris

My once-a-wee dressing up for school outfit (other than gym clothes or scrubs) ;)
Leggings are not pants!...What? 

A nursing school update: My very first attempt of starting an IV failed. 
But I am still a little proud for insisting on trying, because my instructor almost wouldn't let me due to not enough time. Imagine that! 8 long slow hours on the floor, but it gets busy right when we are supposed to leave. NO WAY, I WILL START THE IV (or at least try & fail at it).
There are nurses who have never even started an IV during their time in school, and I need to take every chance I can get (except for ripping IVs out just to start a new one).
Ambitious much? Definitely yes!

Greetings from the bloody Midwest,

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  1. Aii.. Love your leggins. Today I'm finally 1 month here in Minnesota and I love it ♥