Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wedding Bliss

Dress & Blazer: H&M, Belt: Vintage
What a weird, camera-less week it's been!
Besides the fact that I simply had no technology to capture any outfits this week, I've also been super busy trying to finish all kinds of school projects.
My final week of summer classes is approaching fast, and I am more than ready to be done studying Pharmacology, writing papers and doing math that I will never ever use in my life.

With that aside, I decided to post some older photos from September of 2010.
This past week, I was invited to 2 weddings! Unfortunately, I did not take a single photo :(
But here are pictures from another wedding.
The very first wedding I attended here in the Midwest.
It was a beautiful non-traditional outdoor ceremony.

It seems weird to think that people I know from high school are getting married.
Something rather common in the Midwest, at least I feel that it is more common than in Germany to get married this young. Marrying your high school sweet heart, that has something very cute and romantic about it.

Seeing my classmates committing to each other, and being able to attend such meaningful festivities, made me very emotional. For one, because there were many family members involved in the wedding traditions (made me miss my family), and also because I find myself dreaming about getting married.
Last night, I started to think of the things I would want to include in my wedding (if I don't follow my plans of being a single cat lady). Pinterest also contributes to my "planning" (without a guy in the picture).

I just love the idea of a wedding, there is no man in my life that I would consider to be the one.
Done with that. (!)
And as much as I would love to spend this Sunday collecting photos and inspirations on Pinterest, procrastination got the best of me this weekend and an 8 page paper needs to be typed by the end of the day. Not excited. At all.

Have a nice Sunday.

Greetings from the Midwest,


  1. ...süß :)
    Ich plan aber auch schon so ein bisschen gedanklich .. zumindest wie mein Kleid aussehen wird haha! Das ist mir momentan auch wichtiger wie der Mann, bzw WER der Mann wohl sein wird :D:D

    Liebe Grüße,

  2. Cute Outfit.

    Love the Dress.