Wednesday, July 25, 2012


...while working on my research paper, I found this ridiculous thing...

If I had only one question to ask, it's surely not be this one ;)

Still without a camera, but waiting for the postman to bring a new one that I ordered online.
Can't wait. 
Other great news: I am going to intern as a CNA at an assistant living facility here in town. It's a very nice place and I am looking forward to get more working experience in the medical field. So far, I had the chance to job shadow at the local hospital a coupe of times. My destination of choice: The OR!
Yes, I like the surgery unit best. Such a fascinating environment.
The best part was watching the anesthesiologist (one of those English words I can't pronounce right) put a patient to sleep. I can see myself working in the operating room rather than on the floor.
Blood? Don't mind that at all. Even better, if there's bones and intestines flying across the room.

May I suggest a great new show on TV? NY Med. 
My new guilty pleasure, and a great mix of reality TV and medicine.

The last week of summer classes has started, finals are next week and then I am free. 

Greetings from the Midwest,

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