Sunday, July 15, 2012


Abstract photo-art: Purse-drowning rice-bath Photography :)

Very sad news:
My camera drowned this week.

Stupid me, I didn't close my water bottle completely, threw it in my purse (with camera, keys, wallet, etc.) and everything was soaked. Unfortunately, the camera was the one thing to not survive.
At home, I put it in a bowl of rice and surprisingly, it came back to life!
(or half life, as it now only takes photos like the one above)

No outfit photos, no Midwest impressions. This makes me sad.
Luckily, I am selling some of my school books and have been getting rid of clothes on ebay. That way, I can afford a new camera, which will be the same one I have now.
It's just a little Canon Powershot in pink (!). The perfect digital camera for me.

That also means: No more shopping in the near future. A camera is more important though.
I do feel kind of naked without it. Not only because I photograph my outfits daily, but because I enjoy snapping totally random pictures.

At this point, I would like to share the life lesson I have learned this week
(and this did NOT happen on Friday the 13th)
Don't carry a water bottle & camera in the same purse, or simply make sure to close the bottle!

Sad greetings from the Midwest,

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