Monday, May 21, 2012

Outfit: High School Memories

Dress: Kohls (Lauren Conrad), Shoes: Thrifted, :Belt: mom's, Necklace: Juicy Couture

This is the outfit I wore for one of my best friend's high school graduation.
Finally, a reason to dress up :)

The graduation ceremony brought back many memories of my high school time.
It is the same school I went to during my junior year here in the Midwest.
Sitting in the gym, I remembered all the fun moments of PE class.
(American PE class is ridiculous, just to throw that out there)

I really loved the experience of being at a typical American High School, and therefore most of my memories are special.
But with graduation I also have memories that I do not like as much:
After finishing my exams in Germany (Abitur), I did not receive a diploma at my graduation, simply because I forgot to turn in an art book. (I know, such a crime!)
All I had in my folder was a note that said "Wo ist das Kunstbuch?" (Where is the art book?)

I have a good sense of humor, and it wouldn't have mattered so much to me, if at that time I wasn't planning to move to a different country.
You see, I was under a lot of time pressure and the community college needed my diploma to proceed with the application process. Connected to that was the application process for my VISA.
One piece of paper missing could have lead to many more problems and delay.
Without wanting to turn this into a ranting post, it all worked out in the end.
It was extremely frustrating at that time, because I was scared my plans would fall through.
That was also a time when I finally became fully aware of my parent's support!
They put in so much effort to help me with all the paper work.
(Becoming an international student involves a lot of that, beware!)

But, as you can see, I succeeded in the end!

As I was sitting in the gym, watching my friend walk across the stage, I was overwhelmed with emotions of joy.
I was proud of him for finishing this chapter, and excited that we will be going to the same school next semester.
And once again, the almost nostalgic feeling of being in a real American high school! Just like you see them in a teen movie! 

It's an ORANGE....not a pizza :)

Looking good in that gown!

I really adore the fancy graduation gowns. And even though I'm aways supporting individuality, I'd prefer German high schools to also have some sort of graduation uniform + hat. Makes the whole thing even more festive.

Right as we walk out, it started to rain!

It's been such an emotional day!
And then I get to drive on a Midwestern country road, which made the day even better!

Look at that, German high school that didn't give me my diploma:
Nothing can stop me, not even an art book that's not been returned on time!

(Trotzdem: Seht zu, dass ihr alle Schulbücher rechtzeitig zurück gebt! Ich hab das auf die harte Tour lernen müssen...)

Follow your dreams!
May no belated school book return stop you from that... ;)

Greetings from the rebellious Midwest-Lotte!


  1. Such a gorgeous dress! :)
    I have just followed you, hope you'll have time to visit my blog :)

    Kisses, ♥

  2. Beautiful dress and some great pictures you got here :) xx