Sunday, May 20, 2012

Outfit: Shopping Day

Top: Gap, Shorts, Ring & Belt: H&M, Shoes: Kohls, Headband: Thrifted

Since I have been so busy with school, my social life was almost nonexistent.
Now that I have a break from the stress, one of my friends decided it was time for a shopping trip.
Who would say no to that?!
Exactly! And if shopping wasn't good enough already, we were blessed with gorgeous weather!

I decided to try a (for me) new hair style, with an attempt to create a vintage-y look.

And of course there is fruit hiding in my purse... :)

It's been lovely to get away for a day.

I miss the city life when I'm here, and once I am in the city, I miss the small town.
But as you know, the grass is always greener on the other side.
There's good and bad about either one.
Let's build a small-town-city!

Greetings from the Midwest,
Lotte (with flat feet from walking around the mall all day)


  1. That blouse is really cute! I love the color and the print :D

  2. super cute shirt, you look so pretty


  3. Gah Your adorable. That outfit is stunning on you. I adore you and your blog.

  4. Schickes Outfit! Gefällt mir total gut;)