Sunday, May 13, 2012

Far Away from Mom!

We sure know how to have a good time! 

My dad took this photo of my mom and I while we were out to lunch for my brother's graduation last summer. It's almost become sort of a tradition to talk about gross things during meals...even at the restaurant. This was one of those moments filled with laughter because someone had to bring up one of those topics you might not want to discuss while having food on the table. ;)

4500 miles separates me from my mom at this very moment. It's been almost a year since I've been home, and while I deal with homesickness very well (by not being homesick), I will admit that with it being Mother's Day, it is a little different today. Without my mom's support, I wouldn't be where I am today. For that I am very thankful, not only today, but every day. Of course we have our little mother-daughter fights, but most of the time we get along just perfectly fine. 
One of our favorite things to do (which also works very well with that "having the Atlantic Ocean between us" thing) is to find funny (and usually also sarcastic & mean) postcards. We cry tears of laughter when looking at cards. The meaner, the better & funnier, and the more tears!
Of course I sent her one of those for Mother's Day!

I'm looking forward to a Mother's Day Skype Date with my mom. Not every mother would let their daughter move to the other side of the planet! Mine did, and that makes her the best!

Happy Mother's Day!
& Greetings from the Midwest that today seems a little too far away from home.


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