Sunday, May 13, 2012


Hello, hello!
I decided to change my blog name to Lotte Far Away.
Midwest, Fashion and Nurse is all very fitting, but it is such a limited description of who I am and what I do.
The very first blog I started in 2007 was called "Midwest-Lotte"(I wasn't sure if I can reuse that name since there already exists a blog). I love the Midwest dearly, made amazing memories here and will continue to do so.
Fashion is an important aspect of my life, it is how I express myself.
Nurse is what I will hopefully be able to call myself soon (once I graduate in a year!).

But there is so much more than just those 3 categories.
I am an International student studying nursing in the USA. I am FAR AWAY from home, family and friends. FAR AWAY from the things I am used to (German bread for example!)
I want to write about my experiences far away from home, in a new home that I learned to love and adapt to.
Fashion will be included because my closet is full of clothes and I love to thrift and dress up!
I will most likely ramble a lot about nursing school, simply because it takes up the majority of my time, tends to be quite stressful and it's always fun to brag with medical terminology!

This title I find to be a good fit, so check out what Lotte does far away in the Midwest!

Greetings from the Midwest!


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