Sunday, May 13, 2012

Outfit of the (Mother's) Day

Dress: Thrifted, Cardigan: Zara, Necklace: Bijou Brigitte

Another Outfit with a lot of red and pink tones. Now that I am back to blonde, I've been loving very girly colors. The necklace used to be my mom's, and I took it with me when I came back to the States last summer. Unfortunately, the anticipated Mother's Day -Skyping turned out a little different than we expected due to turbulences with the internet connection :(

I've always assumed that Mother's Day is an International thing, that everyone "celebrates" it (and on the same day). But then today, I was asked whether people in Germany have "something like a Mother's Day" and "what day it would be celebrated". Well, for everyone who doesn't know: In Germany we do have a Mother's Day, and it falls on the exact same day as the American Mother's Day. 
No, our department stores do NOT make nearly as much money with this occasion. I really truly love this place dearly, but with each holiday coming up, I am shocked about the variety of products, and the amount of money one could spend. 
Now, I will say this: We (speaking for my family!) show our appreciation towards mom, give her a card and maybe flowers, chocolate, and let her relax (that one day out of 365). That's how Mother's Day is at my house.
Here is what we did today (USA style): My roommate spent all morning cooking a delicious meal for her mother. I think that as well is a fantastic idea. Usually it is the mom that cooks, right? 

Bottom line (and to finish this ramble which was supposed to be a quick outfit post):
Mother's Day exists in Germany as well as in the US!

Mein Muttertags Outfit, kombiniert mit Mama's Kette! 
Wurde heute gefragt ob wir in Deutschland denn auch so etwas wie einen Muttertag haben, und wann der denn gefeiert werden würde...Hachja wie ich solche Momente liebe. Man kann doch immer noch was dazu lernen, nicht wahr? 
Naja jedenfalls habe ich dann schön erklärt, dass auch wir drüben in Good Old Germany Muttertag feiern und der doch tatsächlich auf den gleichen Tag fällt. Der einzig grosse Unterschied zwischen Deutschland und USA ist wirklich die Menge an Karten, Geschenken und all möglichem Krims Krams den man Mama schenken kann. Hier geht wirklich zu jedem Feiertag im Supermarkt richtig die Post ab!
(In diesem Fall alles schön in pink gehüllt, Regale voller Plüsch, Blumen und Schokolade)
Abgesehen davon, haben wir hier auch einfach was leckeres gekocht, also kein allzu grosser Aufwand.

Aber genug mit dem Geschwätz: Muttertag existiert sowohl in Deutschland als auch den USA! Da haben die Amis mal wieder was gelernt ;)

Greetings from the Midwest,



  1. Hi Lotte, are you going to write about the States as well? Photos, travel tips an so on? That would really intrest me ;-)
    Since when do you live in the us?
    Thanx vor visiting my Blog, hope to see you again soon!
    Greetings from Frankfurt, Jana

    1. Hi Jana!
      Yes, i'd love to write about places I have traveled to! I have seen some interesting places, and tons of photos!
      I've been here since summer of 2010!
      Living in a small town seemed like living in one of those Teen movies at first, but it is a lot different than people would expect!
      I'm glad you found my blog :)

  2. Hey, danke für den lieben Kommentar :) Hab mich total gefreut. Aber da hast du recht.. essie ist leider nicht ganz so billig.. deswegen wird es wahrscheinlich erstmal der erste und letzte von essie sein..
    Liebe Grüße Stephie