Sunday, October 14, 2012

Retro Pink

Dress: Thrifted, Belt: H&M (old), Boots: Kohl's

I have a short sweet list of things that need to be mentioned:

- Love the fact that there's actually people reading this :) Wow. Thank you for the comments and for reading! That's so cool. Makes me happy.

- The weirdest most exciting things is going to happen: One of my family members from Germany is actually coming to visit me here in my small town home :) How insane is that to finally be able to show them around (not that there is a whole lot). For the longest time I didn't want anyone to visit me. That was because I felt as if I hadn't accomplished anything, felt depressed and didn't want anyone from my "other" home to interrupt my "new" life.
It sounds mean, but that's the truth. Insecurity.

But now I CAN'T WAIT.
Life is good, I have accomplished things that I am proud of. Oh and I can't wait to drive them around and pretend to be a tour guide! 

- This outfit is just another outburst of "All I can ever wear during the week is plain and boring so now I have to put together the craziest possible outfit to compensate".

- I have worked all weekend. No parties, no hanging out with friends for this girl.
That is fine with me, I love the residents and most of my co workers. Fun times!

Greetings from the Midwest,

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  1. Schöner Blog :) Vielleicht schaust du ja mal bei mir vorbei. Ich würde mich freuen! :)