Sunday, June 10, 2012

Small Town Summer Nights

Tank Top: H&M, Denim Shorts: Hollister, Denim Shirt: Garage Sale, Bag: KDNY (thrift store)

A floral-denim mix to stroll around downtown.
Small town summer nights are my favorites.

I was extremely happy to find this purse at a resale store.
There is no way I'm buying another purse at a department store or mall.

You can easily find the same or even better quality at a much affordable ridiculously low price! :)

American Flag - so very much American!

Greetings from the sunny Midwest,



  1. machst du ein auslandsjahr in america? (:

    xoxx, sabrina.

    1. Das habe ich mal gemacht vor ca 5 Jahren! Jetzt bin ich zeit fast 2 Jahren wieder in den USA um eine Ausbildung zu machen :)