Sunday, June 3, 2012

Outfit: Bright Floral + Pastel

Shirt, Pants, Jacket, Shoes: Thrifted
Wearing a bright exciting shirt on a very exciting day!

The entire outfit consist of thrift store finds!
(not the underwear & socks, that'd be a little too much...)
Those pastel purple pants I found at a garage sale for $1! 

I was talking to my friend about our thrift store shopping obsession, and we came to the conclusion that with all the money we have spent on resale clothes, we could have easily bought several designer bags.
But thrifting, at least for me, has a so much more exciting and also calming effect.
You can find great quality pieces for very little money.
If you see me wearing designer clothes, chances are that I did not buy them at regular price!
(But how can you tell, right!?)

Bright and colorful make-up is one of my favorites.
I used to wear pink eyeshadow all over my eyes and would match my eye make-up with my outfits...
My crazy high school days are over, but my crazy make-up creations remain :)

I found a Wet N Wild make-up package at the drugstore.
All of this together for $5!
Absolutely love the orange eyeshadow! 
Flora Collection - Wet n Wild

Bright & colorful greetings from the Midwest,

P.S. Yesterday has been a very surprising and exciting day, and I will write a separate post about what happened!


  1. beautiful photos! the top is amazing!

  2. Adorable shirt! :)

    Kisses, ♥

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