Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Follow Your Heart - 2 Years in the USA

Flying to the US
2 years ago 
This just makes me giggle. My closet 2 years ago....A LOT HAS CHANGED! :)
Today, August 14th 2012, marks a very special milestone in my (short) life:
It is my 2 year anniversary with the USA, or: It's been 2 years since I moved here.

Over the past 2 years, I became a nursing student, learned to drive a car, bought a car, moved, had my heart broken, meet amazing friends, cried sad and happy tears, shopped, shopped, shopped, took thousands of photos, overcame fears, got a social security card, found an internship, earned scholarships, studied day and night, shopped more...

And I fell in love with this country all over again!

Let me tell you this:
There is nothing easy about moving away from home. It is even more difficult to be living in another country, having to deal with paper work, language and different cultures.
The United States are quite similar to Germany (makes things a little easier), and I am lucky to have a wonderful family in Germany, and amazing friends here in the US who all support me.
That is something I am very grateful for, because I know that without this support system, I wouldn't have been able to last longer than a month.

Looking back, I am amazed that this small town is still my home, and that I don't even waste a thought about leaving all of this behind just yet.

What I have learned, and would tell everyone else who is seeking advice about moving to another country: Follow your heart. If you love someone or something so much, that you are willing to leave your cozy home, family and friends behind, do it.
Home will always be home, your family will still be your family, and your friends won't leave you (but will visit!). I do not regret following my heart.

Greetings from the beautiful Midwest,

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