Friday, August 17, 2012

First Day at Work

Arrived at work during the storm/tornado!
What an exciting (tester)day!
My first day of training at the assistant living residence was finally here. As I was getting ready to leave, the tornado sirens went off, the sky became super dark all of a sudden and rain started to pour. 
Our small town was under a tornado warning...and I had to go to work.
Luckily, I only live a few blocks away and therefore decided to not miss the first day.

As I arrived, the wind had picked up speed, and I almost could not walk from my car to the building!
Needless to say, that wind almost took my shirt off ;)
The employees at "The Villas" were already quite tense, and I was pretty nervous simply because it was my first day working as a CNA. Add the excitement of the tornado warning, and it was a little mess!

Thankfully, the actual tornado passed by soon, and then I was able to focus on my tasks for the night.
Overall, it's been a rather busy one, especially because there were so many new people and routines that I will have to get used to. But this will help me to prepare for my job as an RN in the future!

Yay for surviving my first work day AND a tornado :)

Greetings from the now calmer Midwest,

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