Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Nursing Post

Fake arm for IV insertion practice

My new friend ;)
Todays post varies a little from most of my previous ones.
As you (might) know, I am a nursing student about to enter the 2nd year of nursing school.
After completion, I will be a registered nurse. Then I also plan on erring a Bachelor's degree in nursing.

I snapped these photos in the nursing lab (mainly because my mom likes to see how my school and training looks like!), while I was preparing for a medication check off.
Those are mandatory before continuing with 2nd year, to test the students about their skills and to make sure that they can safely administer drugs.

Being an International student makes it tough sometimes, but what is the really difficult part about nursing is not the language, but the immense amount of knowledge required. 
A job in the health care field comes with so much responsibility, and medicine is a constantly evolving science. It seems as if one can never know enough.

Long story short (actually, this story is way too long as it is): I passed the med check off, and will start my 2nd and final year of nursing school in about...2 weeks. EEEEK!
I am ready to be done, ready to work at the hospital.

My internship as a CNA starts in a week, which means I have one more week to relax before craziness takes over my life once again. 
To those who are also going back to school soon: Enjoy your last few days of freedom :)

Greetings from the Midwest,

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