Monday, July 2, 2012

(Vanilla) Soda Thoughts

Beware, it has been a rainy (outfit-less) day, and I have random thoughts on my mind!

First of all, I have found the most delicious soda! Finally coke zero vanilla has a place in my fridge.
(I find that a typical (giant) American fridge is not complete without soda)
And with that, I do not mean to stereotype or be mean.
Germans consume liters of the unhealthy drink too. But when I came to the US for the very first time, I was shocked about the amounts of different kinds of refreshments that are available.
Don't get me started about the refill thing...
(At German restaurants you gotta pay for each glass)

How does this tasty vanilla flavored drink tie in with my day?
Part of my online Composition II class is to participate in discussions with out fellow online-classmates.
We are asked to comment on their articles, opinions, and papers.
One of the most recent discussions included an article about the "Soda Ban in New York" basically banning soda for health benefits.

I am a little torn between two sides there:
Personally, I KNOW how bad the sugary drinks are for your health, at the same time I am guilty of enjoying a little too much coke zero :)
But I don't think it would be useful to ban it. If people want, people get.
Everyone needs to make their own decisions about their health. 
And wouldn't it be weird to ban Coca Cola in the country of Coca Cola?!

Delicious Vanilla greetings from the Midwest,

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