Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Shirt, Bracelet & Levi's Shorts: Thrifted, Shoes: JC Penney's, Sunglasses: Random shop in Chicago
Somehow, I managed to look like a tall blonde in this photo. I'm blonde, but usually not too tall.
It's the heels. Gotta be the tall heels ;)

Really nice print detail! Found these Levi's jeans at a thrift store :)

A color that I have always been obsessed with is bright lime green. I'm even wearing matching green eyeliner. Those huge sunglasses do a great job hiding my eyes though.
Usually, I do not wear shades, mostly because I need glasses to keep my eyes from looking in all kinds of weird directions (Strabismus is the medical term). I am not blind by any means, and can see quite well without my glasses. Getting a pair of prescription sunnies is rather pricey...
But I found these at a cute little shop in Chicago and decided to take them with me (20% off, YAY).

Talking about glasses:
I have been wearing prescription glasses since I was a little girl, and there were times when I absolutely hated it. By now, I have accepted the necessity mainly because I see better with them & also because they have become part of my outfit as well :)

Lime Gree(n)tings from the Midwest,


  1. Wunderschönes Outfit, ich liebe das T-Shirt, das hat so eine wundervolle Farbe :)

  2. echt sch√∂ner Blog & tolle Outfits♥
    Hast du lust mir zu folgen?: