Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Outfit: Pink Pants

Shirt: Gap, Pants: American Eagle, Shoes: Tamaris, Bracelet: Thrift Store

As summer classes have started, I picked up my books yesterday.
(Nursing is quite the expensive major, just to throw that out there)
At the library, I met a girl from Mongolia who needed help finding around campus, and because I know how it feels like to be new and kind of lost, I offered my help.

She was the sweetest person, and complimented my "European" style.
I find it amusing, that, as much as I try to live the American lifestyle, my "style" gives it away that I am not so American :)

Is there really such a big difference between "European" and "American"!?
Since my high school year and college in the States, I have heard this several times.
Sometimes I do feel overdressed when shopping at Walmart in bright pink pants and floral heels.
(I do wear sweatpants and flip flops to the grocery store as well...just like every other normal person)
It is a small town thing, the "feeling over-dressed".
In the city, you can find dressier outfits on a daily basis.
With that being said, I don't think there is necessarily "European" or "American", but rather "country" and "city".

But that's just my opinion.
What's your take on that?

European Greetings from the American Midwest,

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