Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day in the Midwest

Riding in a convertible from the 60s, wearing a Cowboy hat! Yay USA!

The fluffiest cloud

Fast food anyone?

More fast food!

Looks kind of American to me :)

While writing this, I am listening to Italian opera songs by Luciano Pavarotti.
I grew up with this music because my dad listens to it all the time. (all the time!!!)

In the US it is Father's Day today. 
And I must admit, I prefer this type of day over the "Christi Himmelfahrt" in Germany, where young guys (not even mature enough to be a dad) walk around and get drunk.
Here in the Midwestern small town, family has priority on Father's Day.
(At least from what I have experienced, obviously I can't speak for everyone)

Days like today make me miss my family more than usual.
But it is nice to be invited to join dinners or parties with friends.
It is truly amazing how there are so many wonderful people here, who make me feel so welcomed!

In the photos above, you can see bits and pieces of the town, so American, isn't it?
I love it. Not necessarily the actual food, but the atmosphere, the big advertisement for the greasy stuff.
In celebration of Father's Day, I ate a real American steak! (For the very first time ever!)
And with that,
Greasy Greetings from the Midwest,


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