Thursday, May 17, 2012

This is why...

I love this place!

"Out of all places, why would you want to move here!?"
I get asked this a lot when I talk about leaving Germany to live in the US.
Being a city girl, many people don't understand why I would move to a "boring small town" where there is "nothing to do".
Well, let me tell you. There is not much to do (not as exciting as the city life, that is for sure), but
I have many reasons supporting my decision to leave that city life behind (for now).
One of them is the THIS:
The typical American small town scenery, the mailboxes (I am obsessed with the cute white ones with the red flag!), the flag poles in every front yard, the basketball cages....
The occasional yellow school bus driving by.
I love it!

It's funny how all these things that I find so special are taken for granted. My friends laugh when I burst out in my usual "This is so American!".

I do have my bad days here, but then I get to drive through these cute neighborhoods, I am overwhelmed with joy because I get to live here. 
It feels like a movie sometimes, but it is a dream come true.

Thank you, my lovely Midwestern small town, for putting a smile on my face every day!

Greetings from the Midwest,