Sunday, May 27, 2012

Outfit: Sailor Moon

Shirt: Hot Topic, Shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch, Shoes: Street

 Oh, how I loved Sailor Moon when I was in Grade School!
I collected magazines & stickers, and together with friends we would pretend to be Sailor Moon characters. Even though they had a show on TV, I preferred reading the magazine.
One year, 3 of my friends even dressed up as Sailor Moon for carnival at school.
Needless to say: We were obsessed.

When I saw that Hot Topic had Sailor Moon T-Shirts, I was extremely happy. Even happier when I got this shirt for my birthday! Brings back so many fun childhood memories.

I wore this outfit for my garage sale adventure yesterday, and afterwards stopped at Walmart to get groceries. At the checkout, an employee asked me how old I was, because I was wearing a Sailor Moon T-shirt. He was surprised that I knew what Sailor Moon was, and we got into a discussion about the cartoon on TV.

You already know several reasons why I love living in the Midwest.
Add this to the list: Hilarious Walmart employees who know about Sailor Moon, and start a discussion while the check-out line gets longer and longer...

To the Sailor Moon obsessed people out there, who's your favorite character?
Personally, I like the cat Luna and Sailor Mars best.

(Das waren noch Zeiten, damals in der Grundschule. Meine Freundinnen und ich waren total verrückt nach Sailor Moon. Als mich dann noch ein Walmart Verkäufer auf das T-Shirt angesprochen hat, war mein Tag komplett! Die Amis überraschen mich immer wieder mit unerwartetem Gesprächsstoff mitten im Supermarkt während die Schlange hinter mir länger und länger wird. Wenigstens wurde der Stau an der Kasse durch eine wichtige Diskussion verursacht, und nicht weil mal wieder irgendwer 1000 Rabatt Coupons aus der Tasche kramt...

Sailor Moon Fans!? Gebt euren Sailor Senf dazu :) )

und im Namen des Mondes:

Greetings from the random Midwest,


  1. der Oberteil sieht süß aus. Voll die Sommerfarbe :)

    1. Danke :)
      Lila ist im Moment eine meiner Lieblingsfarben!

  2. Awww I used to love Sailar Monn a lot in my childhood. :D
    SO cute t-shirt! <3