Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorable Memorial Day

Top, Shorts: New Yorker, Bracelets: Accessorize

There were 2 special occasions to celebrate yesterday:
My "little" brother's 19th birthday & Memorial Day.

For the first time since I have been living in the US, I had the chance to see my entire family on Skype.
Usually, it is just my parents and sometimes my brother (if he is home from college).
Since they were celebrating a little birthday party, extended family was added to the fun!
I can't even express how much I enjoyed talking to all of them & seeing their faces on my computer screen made me happy.
It's weird to think that my younger brother is 19 years old already.
TIme flies.

For the birthday chat, I wore PJs. Nothing to spectacular.
For the other special occasion I decided to dress USAppropriately! :)
Yesterday was dedicated to thank the US troops who fought and still fight for this country's freedom and safety.

Even though my outfit was USA-themed, none of the items were bought here.
(everything's from my Germany visit last summer)
I will now post a photo, but I can tell you that even my underwear matches with a USA flag pattern :)

I spent all evening talking to a group of young foreign exchange student. 
It is always so much fun to hear about different cultures, and how they experienced their exchange year in the States.
Since I have been going through a lot of the things they are going through right now, I tried to give advice and talk about my own experiences.
Hard to believe, that it's almost been 5 years since I first came to the US.

What a wonderful day spent with family, friends, and foreigners :)

Memorable Greetings from the Midwest,

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  1. I love your shorts. I hope you are liking it here! I would love to visit Germany one day :)